For your relaxation needs, our hotel offers 9 comfortable equipped rooms.

  • A Standard  Room in the hotel, offers everything that the client needs for a relaxing stay and comfort, a Wi-Fi connection, satellite TV, toilet and a shower. There’s 4 rooms of this type.

Price:  40 leva.   (no breakfast included)

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  • Luxury Room  in the hotel, is similar to the normal room, but in a more updated atmosphere, cosiness and comfort, there’s 4 rooms of this type.

Price: 50 leva,    (no breakfast included)

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  • Luxury Triple Room is offers the same as both mentioned types, but also includes a third bed.

Price:  60 leva.  (no breakfast included)

Attention to our guests:

1. All arrivals are accepted past 13:30, and all departures should be before 12:00

2. For an extra stay up until 18:00, it will cost you 10 leva

3. The price for breakfast per person is 5 leva

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